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Poetic Lab create poetry with objects

Poetic Lab is a London based full-service design studio base that creates brand & product strategies, delivers product designs and production solutions to clients with a fresh perspective. The studio founded in 2013 by Taiwanese designer Hanhsi Chen after he graduated from Royal College of Art in London. The studio’s mantra is “ Design is silent poetry composed by the mind and matters.”

The studio has won numerous awards including the Design Report Award in 2013 during Salone del Mobile, while Salone Satellite Award granted them the 3rd prize. ELLE decoration china chose Poetic Lab as young design talent of the year in 2013, and in 2015 they were awarded Rising Asian Talent by Maison & Objet. Their work has also been published by internationally renowned press like Wallpaper* Magazine, The Telegraph, FRAME, Monocle, ELLE Decor, ICON, DAMn etc…

In 2014 the studio curated their own design label “Beyond Object” with the belief that daily objects can be crafted as functional sculptures.

Beyond Object is a design-led brand focusing on functional objects designed and crafted as art. Every creation from Beyond Object has an element of surprise, and you often find yourself wondering what are these objects made for, but it won't take long until you figure it out, and that magic moment of surprise reveals the true essence of their design.

These only some of their amazing creations but for more information don’t forget to visit Poetic Lab and Beyond Object . Also don’t forget to follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

ORBIS Fruit bowl Orbis minimalist bowl collection is an engaging modern design with poetic meaning and sculptural presence. The circular band balanced at an angle to the base creates the appearance of the bowl embracing and holding the fruits inside. Orbis comes in three colours; black, silver and gold. This is a dialogue between the container, the fruit and the space...For more information click here.

Silo is a simplistic sculptural clock designed to create interesting aesthetic appeal through the use of angular hour and minute hands that play on mathematical tangential relations and triangular forms. Silo casts attractive shadows on the wall whilst becoming a continuously changing sculptural art-piece through time. Silo clock casts attractive shadows on the wall whilst performing gentle movements. Just like time itself this clock never feels the same every time you look at it. For more information click here.

AVANI Candle holder Beautiful from every perspective, Avani is a geometrical candle chandelier made up of an angled wire structure. Manufactured using a wire bending technique, it comes in three finishes; gold, silver and copper. Avani chandelier can also be paired together to create a more complex interlinking structure. Elegant, intricate and attractive, Avani is a show piece ornament for any home. It is not about the form, it is all about the candle arrangement within the space. For more information click here.

CANTILI Minimal Tape Dispenser Cantili is a tape dispenser with a pared - down, sculptural form abstracted from the everyday tape dispenser. Consisting of a pair of mirror polished concave circular disks and a cantilever structure, its simple and elegant design is stable enough to be used with single hand. For more information click here.

LINO Letter opener Lino is a structured letter knife. The solid knife has been reduced into merely its outline ­ the only remaining essentiality that defines this object as a knife. “It is like a sketching in the space, with a surprisingly comfort grip and sharp blade. We draw a simple outline of a knife, reducing the decorative parts and bring that shape into three-dimensional space, that was the starting point of Lino.” said the studio. Handmade in stainless steel, the thin, black outline draws a three-dimensional shape in space, creating a void structure that also fulfils the purpose of a proper letter knife. Providing a solid grip, Lino is not only a functional object, but also an art piece that complements your workspace. Lino comes in matt silver finish and matt black finish with Teflon coating. For more information click here.

FUNNO ­ Pencil sharpener and paperweight Funno is a pencil sharpener machined from a solid block of metal and hand polished with mirror finish in various colours. While the minimalistic design eliminates traces of this object as a tool, it has a mysterious appearance that invites the users to touch and interact with it. Funno dynamic sculpture on your desktop. “The concept of Funno is all about rhythm and movement, the fluid mirror surface is almost tempting you to place a pencil inside and twist it“ said the studio, describing the pencil sharpener. It’s weight also allows you to use this object as a paper weight. Funno comes with four different finishes ­ mirror polished gold, copper, silver and matte black. For more information click here.

ALIGN Ballpoint Twist Pen Align is the world’s first dislocated twist pen ever made. With its pen body dislocated in the middle, tempting you to “align” the shape and activate the pen’s function. It is an exquisite pen that breaks the norm of pen design, creating a elegant piece of micro sculpture with functionality. ALIGN transcend the classical twisting or clicking mechanisms by developing this precise and user friendly piece of engineering. For more information click here.

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