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Interview with Martin Clausen, Creative Director of ADORNO, and top 10 pieces for 2020.

Adorno is a digital gallery for the best of collectible design and craft from around the globe. Selected by a network of on-the-ground curators in major design cities, Adorno’s collections provide a unique insight into the world’s diverse creative communities – and celebrate the work of the designers shaping them. The designers being featured include both established names and emerging talents at the cusp of their careers, ensuring each collection is a snapshot of the people, techniques, styles and thinking that define the modern making culture of each region. With each collection launch, Adorno adds a new chapter to the global design story.

I reached out to them on Instagram to find out more about them and I have also included the top 10 pieces for 2020 according to Martin Clausen, Creative Director of ADORNO.

What's at the core of your brand?

ADORNO is based around sharing the best of collectable design and craft from around the world in a way that celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of each design scene as well as the designers, makers, and craftspeople that take part in shaping them. We provide a platform for both established and emerging designers, highlighting their defining practices through collections curated by talented, local curators. In addition to our e-commerce platform, we share collection-related stories and interviews with curators and designers through Adorno Editorial (as well as on our social media channels) and exhibit pieces from our collections at major design events around the world.

Tell me a little about yourselves. What is your background and how did Adorno start?

With a shared desire to bring together the global design community and emphasise the diversity of design around the world, co-founders Kristian Snorre Andersen and Martin Clausen founded Adorno International Design Collaboration in 2017. Our aim was - and remains - to establish a global design collaboration, giving a platform to design communities around the world and a window onto the diversity of contemporary creative cultures.

Do you believe in following the rules when it comes to interior design, and if so, what are these rules for you?

"I believe that you need to know the rules in order to break them. Following the rules, such as using complimentary colors and the golden ratio, often creates good results, but it doesn’t create an interesting outcome. Innovation comes from failure, but one has to learn how to make mistakes and transform them into great results.” - Martin Clausen, Creative Director, ADORNO

What are you currently working on and what are your creative plans for the future?

Currently, Adorno is focused on launching a series of new collections and showrooms in collaboration with our country curators. Most recently, we’ve launched a Palestinian collection with curator Dima Srouji (“Here & There: A Palestinian Collection”) as well as the “WALDEN” collection from Schloss Hollenegg for Design with curator Alice Stori Liechtenstien.

What are your top 10 favourite pieces for 2020?

Martin Clausen, Creative Director for Adorno put together a list with some of the most amazing pieces for 2020.

2. “Conglomerate Lamp Family” by Kevin Solis (@kevinsolist). These highly pigmented, porcelain lamps were created by Chicago based designer Kevin Solis.

3. “Chrome Neotenic Lounge Chair” by Jumbo NYC (

4. “Flexible Tail Table” by Greem Jeong (@greemjeong)

5. “Alufoil (Shell Chair)” by Chris Schanck (@chrisschanck)

6. “Meadow Block Side Table” by Artsign

7. “Less Lamp” by Jordi Canudas

8. “Rotonda Lamp” by Adrian Cruz Elements

9. “Pillar Vases” by Ragna Ragnarsdottir

10. “Relic Round Lamp” by Jonas Edvard

Let me know in the comments below which one is your favourite piece, and don't forget to check out Also don't forget to check out all the designers above and make sure you follow them. I hope you enjoyed.

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