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Revolutionary lighting installations by Matthew McCormick

Matthew McCormick is the creative force of Matthew McCormick Studio, a contemporary design company based in Vancouver. A lifelong “tinkerer” in creative endeavours, Matthew has always had an affinity towards lighting and the varied interpretations it makes in a space. In fact, it was this affinity that turned the design of Matthew’s Vancouver home into one of his first, large-scale design projects where he brought in iconic pieces in parallel with hand-made fixtures of his own. However, it wasn’t until a chance encounter through a local restaurant that opened up the possibility for his first commissioned piece, after which his career direction became clear in focusing his talents. One project soon landed another, very quickly becoming a full-time obsession (and business).

Matthew McCormick, principal, has a mind that sees the potential in everything around him. Inspired by shape and form from a very young age, his aesthetic has a clear graphical language brought forth by a long history in art direction and graphic design. Today, intrigued by composition and considerate of the impact lighting can make in any space, each of his creations is an expression of a well-informed vision and a finely tuned technical understanding of the manufacturing process and interior design.Today, Matthew believes in infusing passion into every project. It has been his driving force in amassing an impressive body of work is a short time, which can be found across North America and abroad. From simple, stand-alone fixtures to large-scale illuminated art installations, he is now scaling up to explore new calls for commission across the Europe, Asia and Australia.

By working in partnership with designers and architects, Matthew excels at creating lighting products and installations as unique as the spaces themselves. With the ability to take a simple idea and shape it into a compelling composition, Matthew is guided by a process that balances exploration and restraint—bringing a seemingly complex product back to its simplest form. As a philosophy, Matthew believes that it’s not the sum of the parts; it’s the intrinsic value of how they’re put together.

Enjoy some of Matthew's revolutionary installations below and don't forget to go to the MATTHEW McCORMICK STUDIO website for more information.

MILA: A labour of love, Mila was realized through the marriage of hand blown artisan glass with the soft geometry of bent form. Simple and elegant, the glow of pearl-like spheres hang in delicate harmony within nests of precious metal. The Mila pendant is perfect in both commercial and domestic settings; a refined and elegant piece with a signature, graphic language.

HALO: Originally conceived as a graphical interpretation of effervescence, Halo is series of bold lamps inspired by the soft warm glow of their illuminaire. This modular system allows the pendants to be suspended in a multitude of compositions as a range of elegant hanging art pieces. Machined and hand finished, they are available brass, copper, nickel and 24 karat gold.

DAWN: Inspired by intricacies of delicate jewelry, the Dawn chandelier is aesthetically pleasing from every angle and vantage point. Organic feel and sporadic in nature, the fixture gleams with a hand-polished finish while the custom hand-blown glass tubes provide perfect soft illumination. This modular system allows the chandelier to articulate and be configured in countless positions, both in horizontal or vertical orientations that suit the spacial needs.

DODECA: Dodeca – a nod to the Greek word for 12, looks to be forged with its facets that interaction wonderfully with ambient light and yet it is counterintuitive to inner circular illumination. Created in refined sizes of 28, 36 and 46 inches in diameter, and various finishes include black, white, brass, bronze, copper and limited edition 24 karat gold. With high density, high output LEDs, it has grown into a fixture known for coming to life when turned on, however remains an equally beautiful sculpture at rest.

LINE LIGHTS: Distilled to its purest form, Line Lights are precision CNC milled and hand-finished to a fine plainness. Showcasing the natural grain and thoughtful consideration to proportion, Line Lights feel at home as standalone pendants and as well as can be arranged and configured into striking custom compositions. Available in Walnut, White Ash and Oak.

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