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Top 10 designer tableware by Orpheu Decor

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Let's just start by saying that I am obsessed with tableware. The delicate art of creating something for a dinner occasion that would enhance the overall experience and still make a statement is fascinating to me. For a while I have been getting all these amazing pieces on my Instagram feed from Orpheu Decor and so I had to reach out to them to find out more.

Orpheu Decor is the e-commerce platform that brings a premium selection of tableware and home accessories from Portugal brands and designers. Portugal has always been recognized for its high-class know-how and the “made in Portugal” label becomes synonym with quality and follows truly phenomenal pieces.The pieces selected by Orpheu Decor portray authenticity, art and sophistication and that’s why I asked them to curate the following list of their favourite must-have tableware pieces.

Check out the top 10 must-have pieces and let me know which one is your favourite:

1. Plano Dinnerware Set

A collection made of recycled fine stoneware, all products are created from surpluses and by-products resulting from the industrial production itself. Plano manages to perfectly combine the sustainability with the functionality and elegance. Check the complete collection here. 2. Brisa Dinnerware Set

The collection of the moment, Brisa is inspired by the unique flavours and aromas of Ria Formosa, the Portuguese Algarve coast. Its organic shapes provide freshness to a table and takes us to idyllic places, like lagoons, beaches and salt pans. Check the complete collection here. 3. Riviera Plate Set

Created by the prestigious French floral designer Christian Tortu, Riviera is a captivating collection of unique colours and shapes. For sure, a collection that evokes the astonishing scenarios of the famous French and Italian region – Riviera. Check the complete collection here. 4. Cristal Nacar Dinner Set

Cristal Nacar is a collection inspired by the most majestic crystal pieces. Its reactive finish was created with the pearly colours of beach shells in mind, and looks different for each piece. It is exactly the uniqueness of each item that gives them such high sophistication. Check the complete collection here. 5. Goa Matte Gold Cutlery

This is one of the most iconic collections by Cutipol. With a 24k gold plating and resin handles of different colours, this flatware was designed to make the most sublime table decorations. Check the complete collection here. 6. Moon Copper Cutlery Set

The perfect combination between elegant lines and modern colours, Moon is a truly exceptional collection. Its unique matte copper finishing with a PVD coating makes it a great choice for the most noble events. Check the complete collection here.

7. Mezzo Matte Black Flatware

Because black cutlery pieces are now sought by many, here is a magnificent collection of unique finishes. Mezzo has distinctive modern pieces, perfect for an urban chic style table. Check the complete collection here. 8. Martin and the Stars

This is a flawless serving bowl inspired by the chestnut urchin, namely by its shades and thorns. This impressive piece fits right into the trendy nature inspired decorations. Check the complete collection here. 9. The Lettuce and the Snail

Perfect for serving salads and appetisers, here is a unique lettuce leaf shaped plate. A dish with a story and cultural identity, perfect for today’s consumers. Check the complete collection here.

10. Quail Salt & Pepper Set

This salt and pepper set comes to finish this list in style. With a unique shape and noble material, these astonishing silver pieces will surely add richness and distinction to any tabletop. Check the complete collection here.

For amazing pieces visit the Orpheu Decor website and follow them on Instagram. Share your favourites and comment down below.

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