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Simplicity, innovation and originality by Yonoh Creative Studio

Yonoh is a multidisciplinary creative studio set up by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma in 2006. The studio is characterized by it’s simple, yet functional designs. Simplicity, innovation and originality, without extravagance, is the backbone to their design philosophy studying each small detail minutely in each of their projects. Their versatility, timelessness and adaptability are the cornerstones of the work done in their studio.

During its career Yonoh has been awarded with the most prestigious design prizes worldwide such as Red Dot, IF design award, Good Design or Wallpaper* Design Award among others.

I have been following their work for a while, and I was delighted when they agreed to talk to me about their pieces and inspiration.

Object of Reference: What’s in the core of your designs? Yonoh Creative Studio: "We always seek to design things that are easy to understand, close to the user and that identify with the company that will produce them. Pieces that attract us, that motivate us, simplicity and detail are our design keys."

Object of Reference: Tell me a little bit about yourselves. What is you background and have you always wanted to be designers? Yonoh Creative Studio: "We both studied design careers, and as soon as we finished we started to form what is now Yonoh (before everyone had their own studio)."

Alex Selma: "I was not sure I wanted to be a designer, I knew I wanted to do something that had to do with the creativity and the search for new challenges, and I guess this can be found in a myriad of specialties, but something related to arts / techniques insurance."

Clara del Portillo: " I am good at physics and technical drawing but I didn’t want to do a really technical career. I loved arts too, so when I discovered design I fell in love with it."

Object of Reference: What is your source of inspiration you?

Yonoh Creative Studio: " It's about being always aware and prepared. We are constantly taking ideas, drawing, thinking ... all this is kneaded and then the ideas are formed with time and patience."

Object of Reference: Do you believe in following rules when it comes to design, and if so, what are these rules in your designs? Yonoh Creative Studio: "We are sure that each designer works in a different way, for us, the phase prior to designing something, is very important. As soon as we know what we want, we develop it very quickly."

Object of Reference: What would be your dream project to work on?

Yonoh Creative Studio: "I do not know ... there are many left ... maybe, a watch?

Object of Reference: What are you working on at the moment, and what are your creative plans for the future?

Yonoh Creative Studio: "Right now we are working on many different projects. Some of them are big projects, others are very small. That's what we want- a variety of work and always looking for challenges that we are passionate about."

To find out more about Yonoh Creative Studio go to their website at or follow them on Instagram @yonohestudio.

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