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Intricate simplicity by Matt Bilfield

Matt Bilfield is a Los Angeles, CA based artist and he creates extraordinary pieces with wooden dowels in architectural plywood. I was captivated by his work as the vantage point dictates the image. I reached out to Matt to find out more about his amazing pieces and style.

Object of Reference: What’s in the core of your designs as an artist?

Matt Bilfield: In my latest series, “Transitions” my designs are created to be visually appealing and simplistic, but upon further exploration reveal intricacy and intrigue. The process of creating my work is lengthy and very mathematical. Although it clearly takes a lot of time to assemble thousands of pegs and drill all the holes, my hope is that viewers will interact with my work and take a closer look into how the transitions of colour occur.

OoR: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Have you always wanted to be a designer ?

MB: I actually always planned to work in film and tv. The art career started as a hobby and grew from there. Initially when I started working in this medium, I had a giant wall at home that needed artwork. At the time, I couldn’t afford to buy something I wanted so spent 6 months on the first piece made of pegs. To my surprise it went viral shortly after I posted it online and an art career was born.

OoR: What inspires you?

MB: I’m very much inspired by architecture, product / automotive design and the color palates I come across in life. I have a large library of photo inspiration that I use when I’m coming up with color schemes and new designs.


MB: I hope to one day do a giant piece of art. This could be in the form of a massive wall installation or in a park where vantage points around a large space could determine the experience people have with my work.


MB: I actually am showing my latest work at Affordable Art Fair in New York starting March 27th in the Krause Gallery booth. Soon after that, I’ll be getting to work on a show that will be held at Black Book Gallery in Denver later in the year.

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