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Extraordinary pieces by sculptor and designer Eduard Locota

Born in 1985, Romanian sculptor and designer Eduard Locota established his eponymous design studio with the aim to beautify modern living spaces. The studio’s collections are inspired by nature in general and seascapes in particular. Using a special combination of acrylic glass, marble, Jesmonite, and wood, Eduard Locota makes every sculpture by hand. As a result, the objects are truly one of a kind. They captivate with their representation of the primordial relationship between the solidity of rock and the fluidity of water.

“I am part of a rare breed of contemporary artists that carve and sculpt all of their works on their own, without the help of anyone else. I am doing all the designs and making all the preparations and then working on my sculptures all the way through, until they are finished. I consider this to be the only honourable way that allows me to put my signature on all of my artworks."

"I’ve always focused toward unparalleled results, practical abilities, high creativity and excellence. I specialize in out-of-the-box designs that combine alternative materials and uses modern techniques to achieve artworks that exude emotions.” I came across one of his designs online and I was immediately captivated. The balance between tranquillity and movement got my attention and I knew I had to find out more about him. I hope you enjoy the interview, and please make sure you visit his page, for more amazing designs.

OoR: What’s in the core of your designs?

EL: “A vocabulary of clear shapes, I am creating visually reductive works that imply rather than resemble the subjects in the artwork, beyond the threshold of minimalism and abstraction. It is functional and non-functional art, with unparalleled retinal appearance, and a deeper story that meets the eye.”

OoR: Tell me a little bit about you and the brand. What is you background and have you always wanted to be a designer?

EL: “ I am both a sculptor and a designer. It started a few years ago, at the beginning of year 2015. As a sculptor, I am drawn to shapes and the space they occupy in space; but as a designer, I was always fascinated by materials, colours and light. I was asking myself, how to merge all the materials that I love to create a receipt for my taste? Sculptural objects, with unexpected colours, opaque or transparent, radiating light in an unexpected depth and mystery. It’s part of a wider project, which for the moment will remain behind the curtains.

I was always fascinated in creating not only beauty but also useful (pieces). I am a practical person, and it’s difficult for me not to give a utility to my creations, a purpose beyond aesthetic beauty. I believe light plays a crucial part in my work, not only practical but also visual.

The core of my creations is the contemporary materials that I am using. The unnatural embrace between materials that are apparently incompatible, somehow succeed in fusing and completing each other – and that’s exactly what attract me even more!”

OoR: What is your source of inspiration you? EL: “ For me, conceiving and achieving a creative work is definitely the most difficult part of any project. It can take me from one day to more than a week to get a form that I like.

Nature is my mentor and main inspiration. It is such a formidable teacher, if we take the time to observe it deeply.

I managed to have a mental database of ideas maybe months before I actually start materializing a project. I usually pick 10 to 15 ideas that I like, that I try to unite them in a fluid and functional conglomerate.”

OoR: Do you believe in following rules when it comes to design, and if so, what are these rules in your designs? EL: “ No. I strongly believe in not following rules, especially in my creative field. Innovation cannot be made while respecting strict guidelines.”

OoR: What would be your dream project to work on? EL: “You may not know, but I am a very realistic person. I do my artwork because I like it, not because I have a hidden agenda. I have goals, not dreams. Having said that, I would like to go really big, make an architectural work of art, tall as a whole building.”

OoR: What are you working on at the moment, and what are your creative plans for the future? EL: ”At the moment, I am working at on a series of sculptures, that I like to call “dual sculptures” interpreting nature.With the use of contemporary materials, I am creating a special visual vibration between the straight lines of the outer contour, and the undulated inner forms - as never seen before.

I fiind the concept to be very interesting; the modern materials has provided the ability to create a “dual sculpture” one on the outside and the other on the inside of the outer sculpture.

For more amazing pieces go to

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