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A Harmony of Contrasts made of concrete by Ardoma studio

Ardoma studio designs and manufactures high-end concrete light fixtures. Founded in 2015 by designer Dror Kaspi, the studio dedicates its work to the investigation of visual harmony and ways of establishing it through the use of contrasting elements.

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Dror Kaspi, the designer and Founder of Adroma studio to get a little bit more of an insight to his amazing creations.

What’s in the core of Ardoma Design as a brand? I founded Ardoma studio in 2015. The studio dedicates its work to the investigation of visual harmony and ways of establishing it through the use of contrasting elements. The binding of rigid and soft, bright and dark, masculine and feminine, straight and curved, robust and fragile. Contrasts are the tools and harmony is the objective.

Tell me a little bit about your background. Have you always wanted to be involved with design? As a child I was fascinated by my father’s tool shed, always trying to connect things together, and create new objects. When I grew up I started to develop an aesthetic sense, building small furniture and lamps for our house and as gifts for friends, but it wasn’t more than just a hobby.

After completing a master’s degree in business management and a career of over 10 years in TV and theatre production I decided to go back to my roots and follow my desire. I was then living in Barcelona, Spain, and started studying Product Design in IED, Barcelona, and the rest is history.

What is the inspiration behind your designs?

I always say that nature is the only designer who manages to reach true perfection. Its dedication to “form follows function”, its recognition of beauty and aesthetics as practical tools, its ultimate mastering of materials. I believe that as a designer my job is to always aspire to do it just as good. As long as nature is my inspiration and reference, I am probably in the right direction.

Concrete seems to be in the centre of your pieces, why is that and what qualities of concrete as a material facilitate your creativity?

When I was I in design school we had a course in which we had to design a porcelain lamp and actually manufacture it from scratch. That’s when I fell in love with molds. After I graduated I started exploring that direction and got caught on the charm and texture of concrete and started researching this material.

Concrete, the liquid stone, is a great representative material for the binding of contrasting elements. This is a rigid and cold material that, when properly mastered, can magically enhance the environment in which it is placed, blend in and mesmerize with its ability to be gentle.

Is there such a thing as “rules” when it comes to design, and if so what rules do you follow when you design?

My products are a result of constant refinement of the design from concept to realization. The juxtaposition of lines, colours and materials is being carefully balanced until reaching the point where all visual and tangible elements are perfectly aligned. That is when I know the design work is complete and this is my way of establishing quality and aesthetics as the centre pillars of my work.

What are you working on at the moment, and what are your plans for Westland for the future?

We are currently developing a line of wall mounted light fixtures, some of them with a new and surprising material. We plan to expand our portfolio in order to be able to provide a more comprehensive platform for lighting solution for both commercial and domestic interiors.

For more from Ardoma don’t forget to go to

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