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Parametric masterpieces by P.metric Studio

Parametricism is a fast-growing style that has already defined many rules for the current designers and for the future practitioners to follow. Today parametric objects appear more often in public places like shopping malls, hotels, museums but also in private products and house decoration.

P.metric Studio is a brilliant example of a brand that lives and breathes Parametricism. Through geometric and algorithmic relations, P.metric Studio creates distinctive objects with character and exceptional forms.

Based in Saint Petersburg, owner and architect Denis Homyakov tells me that after working as an architect in an office, he felt that he had to do something with his passion for furniture and design. After searching a lot of online research and the Parametric philosophy won him over. His passion for furniture and design started since childhood and it became apparent that he wanted to do more than traditional furniture.

Dennis tells me that “Good design for me is all about style. I can sit on the bench for hours, but until I like the design I will not show it to the customer. I am always inspired by the mountains and the sea. I get my creative energy from traveling and snowboarding”

P.Metric Studio is a team of avid architects and creative people, ready to realize create courageous ideas and push the boundaries. From individual, decoration pieces to large scale projects the team is working tirelessly, to combine natural materials and through innovation they aspire to create places that are truly eco-friendly and most importantly people-friendly

To find out more about P.Metric Studio, visit their website here.

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