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Bespoke Marble pieces by Alex Mint

Alex Mint studio is a new design studio established in London in 2017, focusing on producing unique bespoke objects of exceptional design and high-quality materials. The range includes large scale handmade interior and exterior furniture but also smaller home accessories.

The designer behind the brand, Alexia Mintsouli, is especially interested in crafting extraordinary contemporary design pieces with sublime characteristics. One of the key design principles for her is to combine her ideas, origins and knowledge of interior design and architecture and deliver high-end furniture and accessories.

Alexia's inspiration from marble came from the family owned "marble factory for the last 21 years. For 10 years, and while I was studying Architecture, I was working with them as their Designer. Last year I decided to make a step on my own and start designing objects made of marble in combination with other materials. And this is how ALEX MINT was created. I love marble and I think as a material itself it gives you a lot of inspiration."

Marble and stone collected from all over the world and combined carefully with timber and metal details are the main materials featured, with the marble to stand as the brand’s main material used for the new range of tables launched in 2018. Every product is a result of a handmade process and every piece is unique.

Enjoy some amazing pieces below, but for more infofrmation visit

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