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Romantic chic jewellery by Marie-Bénédicte

Jewellery collections of the Ghent based jewellery designer Marie-Bénédicte de Schryver are characterized by their timeless elegance and ' romantic chic ' signature. Nature is a permanent source of inspiration.

Marie-Bénédicte has graduated magna cum laude in 1995 from the Sint-Lucas Pavilion in Antwerp and since then has been awarded various prizes and participates in exhibitions worldwide. In 2005 her dream came true with the opening of her gallery 'Jewellerydesign Marie-Bénédicte' in a stately building that she has renovated with care and attention to detail in the neighbourhood of the Arts District of Ghent (Belgium).

As a child Marie describes that she “…grew up in an artistic family and came into contact with art very early and later with design / design. Soon the jewellery design evolved from a passion to my profession. From design to execution, everything happens in my studio in Ghent.”

When making jewellery, Marie is focusing on the relationship of each piece with the wearer’s body. The materials of choice include gold, silver, coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls, and their unmatchable quality are sometimes the starting point of a design. Regarding Marie’s creative process, sometimes she works with a sketch as a starting point, but sometimes ideas and forms often arise at the workbench.

Her latest collection, Ophelia's dream, is a sober and powerful collection, stripped of all non-essential embellishments. This exclusive jewellery collection emerged out of a series of extraordinary gems and rare pearls. Unexpected colour combinations and an unusual choice of gemstones result in surprising designs.

You can enjoy some of Marie’s amazing designs below, but you should definitely check her website for more information.

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