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Wearable Art by Jill Herlands

Jill Herlands is the creative force behind the JILL.HERLANDS art-jewellery studio, based in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Her statement pieces are one-off wearable sculptures with every creative aspect, from conception to production, done by hand. This means that every JILL.HERLANDS piece is, and always will be, an original piece of art.

As Jill explains: "Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Science, Metal, Raw Stone" are just some of the words that begin to describe my wearable art. From early on, I was interested in taking things apart. I would go through my mother’s jewellery box and find the pieces that she never wore. Then, I would deconstruct the pieces and imagine what I could do with the parts. I could see that something else entirely was possible to construct using those very same pieces. After many years of creating jewellery this way, I felt the need to take things to the next level. I draw my inspiration from New York City. Architecture, concrete, Steel, and people – the whole of the city influences and motivates me to create what I’m passionate about. Pushing the boundaries of metalwork while experimenting with raw materials; I look for contrasts, full shapes and empty contours, I like the simple abstractions of shapes.”

JILL.HERLANDS brand’s mission is to create experimental and elaborate wearable art forms that stretch the imagination and definition of 'accessory.' Jill taught herself the science behind metalworking, and through that process, her passion for jewellery the manipulation of raw materials emerged. As indicated by her unique style and aesthetics, Jill’s attitude towards art is synonymous to non-conformism. Going against the mass production and wax casting processes, Jill prefers the hand fabrication process, which means that she is working directly with the precious materials, highlighting their unique characteristics, and most importantly, making each piece truly one of a kind. As you will see from the pieces below, every single piece of jewellery has a unique character, with a fascinating amount of details. Additionally, the use of alternative materials like cement, introduces an emerging and unexpected beauty that demands attention while making a bold statement.

As Jill explains herself:

“My use of cement implies strength and durability, even if the material is broken. I am mesmerized by the fact that a material such as metal can change so drastically from smooth and industrial in appearance to an intriguing organic form that bears no resemblance to the original material. It is as if an object not only assumes a second life but reveals its true identity.

Finally, Jill is environmentally conscious, meaning that any leftover metals are gathered and re-smelted for use in other pieces. Any metal not used is sent in as scrap metal for use outside of my studio."

Here are only some of Jill’s incredible pieces. For more information go to for more information.

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