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FREUDWERK: Timeless elegance by Award winning designer Matthias Scherzinger

Matthias Scherzinger is the creative force behind FREUWERK. The award winning designer has spent several years as a carpenter, joiner and cabinetmaker gathering a profound knowledge in the application of timber, ranging from traditional handwork up to the most modern processing techniques. Matthias says that, “After my graduation from school I took the traditional route and decided for an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker. The idea was to experience the fascination of the material timber with heart and soul. However, the reality was different. I expected that my daily life would consist of traditional craft, but I was wrong. We worked according to industrial standards using modern sheet materials and the latest machining and processing techniques.”

Matthias, then went on to the field of interior design before switching to industrial design. He has gathered valuable international experience in Finland, Switzerland, England and Ireland where he worked with the Joseph Walsh studio. In 2014 he returned to his home in the Black Forest and established the Label FREUDWERK. In his own words, Mathias says that in order to “…meet my imagination, I went on a journey. Through a variety of craft stations, as well as qualifications in the field of design at home and abroad, I have gained a lot of impressions from different points of view. Such as manual skills, carving and carpentry in England, restoring classics, to the purely sculptural furniture making at Joseph Walsh Studio in Ireland.”

FREUDWERK combines modern aesthetics with established traditions, and their pieces are designed to blend into and enrich your living environment. The exclusive selection of materials and products demonstrate quality and functional values linked with a pureness and clarity of form. The interplay between design and handwork is the major focus. An intensive development process combined with an in-depth know-how and a passion for details enhances forms, materials, modern techniques and traditional handcraft. In his own words:

FREUDWERK is trying to unite the two different ways of thinking, craftsman vs. designer. So, I try to work with the material wood in an experimental way. In consideration of the rules of solid wood processing, FREUDWERK translates classic jointing techniques and design elements in a modern context. The products are representing value perception and sustainable responsibility. I highly appreciate a respectful use of raw materials. This is reflected in the simple form philosophy as well as in the selection and treatment of the materials.”

Matthias finds inspiration in nature and clarity, “For me, naturalness and clarity are the most important aspects. It is important that the user can understand the product. I try to explain that through the materiality of the product and the design language.”

Here is only some of Matthias award winning designs, but make sure you visit FREUDWERK from more information and also got more incredible designs.

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